We offer specially packaged services to Celebrities and Public figures who are always on the news and in the eyes of the public, such as artists, speakers, authors, brands, etc.

We can help you maintain high relevance in the public and in your industry while giving you the time you need to work on your next project or release. For music artist, we offer promotion and good press for your music releases and ensure that you are reaching your targeted audience and increase your social following and results.
Do you have a product or brand that you would like to advertise, Gospel Modes has attractive advertisement packages for you based on your desired time frame. We have creative ways to ensure that your brand attains the maximum audience it deserves.

Don’t stress about it, we got it covered.


You have a hit song that you need to promote online?
Let’s save you the stress!

Basic Promotion.

We offer a basic online promotion for every Gospel Artist who has quality music or videos. This promotion is FREE. The artist submits their work and a team reviews it, if it qualifies to our standard of quality, we will feature the artist’s work on our online platforms.

Premium Promotion.

Premium promotion is the best on line promotion package for any artist, this promotion ensures maximum audience for artists work and guarantees excellent results and feedback. Our premium promotion can be arranged between the Gospel Artist and our agency on monthly. Weekly or annual basis. Whereas basic promotion is free, premium is NOT FREE; the artist has to pay Gospel Modes an agreed sum of money for an agreed period.  The premium package includes the following services.

  1. Sponsoring Artist music on both Youtube and Facebook..
  2. Featuring Artist works on our website:
  3. Writing a press release and sharing it with the fans, we make the artist’s work the agenda on our media platforms.
  4. Sharing Artist’s work on other online platforms and Gospel industry players.
  5. Sharing artists work on our twitter, google+ , sound cloud, Instagram accounts.
  6. Whatsapp Blasts for the artists works.

Premium Plus Package.

The premium plus package contains some of the services offered under the Premium package plus establishing and managing the artist’s social media platforms. This can be done on contract basis for an agreed period of time. This package sets up efficient social media platforms which will enable the artists brand to hit the peak in the Music industry.

To sign up for any of these packages, Please contact us

Email:, Or

Call or Whatsapp ; +256-702-378-604


We help you generate press release contents that suit your brand and outlook.
We assist in brand image, artworks, corporate branding
We manage ongoing campaigns tailored at effectively achieving your target
Setting and management of your social accounts
Graphic Designs for your artworks needed for your release and press kits
Lyrics Videos Creations


Gospel Modes provides management of publicity for you and your work:

Press coverage, Content creation for press statements and keeping you relevant in your industry.
We manage your media kits and send out your press releases.
Liaise between you and prospective investors, partners and media representatives
We ensure the public is aware of your events, appearances and good will works by creating relevant press contents for public awareness.
We assist in managing press opinions and generate good press alternatives
We manage you social accounts such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, etc.

Our press agent services are developed to suit your budget, time-frame and preference.
We have plans such as Basic, Classic and Premium.

For more information or to subscribe to one of our packages.
Contact Jude Emiru.

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