Levixone’s “Mbeera”ranked best video in July 2021

Fans across the globe dashed to Gospel Modes Facebook page and shared their opinions about their best song of the month of July. The majority said “Mbeera” video by Levixone ft Grace Morgan was their best video of the month of July 2021. Indeed this video has gone so viral in the last few weeks of the month of July, many people from all around the world have been touched as they found the “Mbeera” video a great encouragement during the lock-down especially in Uganda.

In the video “Mbeera” Levixone and Grace Morgan share a life story of the situations real people face. People around the world go through different struggles and all they have to do is to look to Jesus who can deliver any man who calls on Him. A Righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from all of them ( psalm 34:19)

Be Blessed as you watch “Mbeera” video by Levixone ft Grace Morgan

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