One afternoon at a wedding reception at the country side, I struggled to get my eyes through busy bodies cris-crossing,  to finish a sentence on a t-shirt, reading…”the Gospel according to…..” finally I kept swerving up and down different heights of people and I got a glance at the last word. It read…”Gucci”. So it was the gospel according to Gucci, designer label a facade. For a few seconds I regretted the effort due to my curiosity. The Gospel is not a flamboyant designer label. The gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel, but one that comes with the revelation of Jesus Christ so apostle Paul affirms.. The Gospel is packed with immense truth. The Gospel narrative comes with revelation the Gospel writers experienced.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is potentially right in all ways and prolific. It has all intrinsic interest embodied as instructions and illustrations for life .The Gospel is not the gospel with the exemption of the cross of Jesus Christ. From whence comes Love, repentance, faith, divine grace, mercy and the ever living hope for eternity. This gospel holds up high the banner of forgiveness and redemption, life that belongs to God because He created all mankind. So we all have to pledge our allegiance to God. The gospel gives us a right to be called sons. (John 1:12).The gospel is a message of the cross; love came down, drawing men of all walks and nations, reconciling men to God. God reconciled man to Himself not counting the trespasses of men against them but that the new life in Christ Jesus instills reverence for Him and as such we live for Him and not ourselves.

The Gospel is great wealth of soul. The globe-trotting Apostle who wrote most of the New Testament grasped the mystery of the gospel. He understood the chasm that stood between God and man.God’s redemptive plan would only be made possible by Christ the Lord and King, disarming the grip of death by living to die and rising again, a truth that stands out and its immensity cannot be fathomed by any level of philosophy because it is so lofty form man’s comprehension. Christ our living hope. Of this gospel Paul the apostle says if we or even angels, preach a gospel contrary to Christ let a curse pound.(Galatians 1:8.).He with every ounce of confidence in him, says that he is not ashamed of this gospel, for it is the power  of God  for salvation to every man whom believes.(Romans 1:16).If the gospel be hid it is hidden from those who are perishing, because the god of this world has blinded their minds from seeing the glorious light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.(2corinthians4:3-6).Speaking of this gospel, the apostle Paul says that he was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace given by the working of His power. The gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel, but one that comes with the revelation of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 1:11-12)

It is therefore, impossible to shrink or bucket the power of the gospel. We can only bridal the truth which is only possible with us subjecting these mortal lives to Christ Jesus who enables us live these lives by the great power of the Holy Spirit,through whom transformation is made possible.

What role or benefits has this Gospel?

  • Produces a righteous life (right standing with God).
  • Guards against heresy
  • It unleashes joy and wisdom to the believing Christian
  • It is light and salt to the world
  • Hope for eternity (after life on earth)
  • Victory through the power of Grace.
  • Forgiveness through repentance of sin every day.
  • Influences character.

If you have felt something were missing and confused, a deep longing and needed a clearer sense of purpose for this life, I resonate with you. The Gospel is a mystery that no faculty on earth can exhaust. We tag along as we sing songs of praise and worship that carry gospel truth. We are transformed through obedience and intentional responsibility to pursue righteousness and through the flames of our devotion light up darkness that looms, draw men to Christ our Lord and King, who will judge all men at the end of time. As the famous hymn states it ‘stick to the old rugged cross and exchange it for a crown”Through this distinctive gospel our minds are constricted to Know God, find freedom, discover purpose and surely make a difference whilst we still have breath.

Don’t just preach the gospel, Be the Gospel. Hold onto the Gospel, its reward is sure!

Article By Benjamin Tukei

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