Gospel Modes top ten Ugandan Gospel videos of 2019.

2019 has been a great year for the gospel Fraternity in Uganda; we have seen several Gospel artists release great songs which have touched the world. We have seen numerous Gospel events happen, we have also seen new Gospel artists breakthrough with songs which were loved by fans across the globe. The quality of videos greatly improved a thing that encouraged wide viewership across the globe. At Gospel Modes, we bring you the Top Ten Ugandan Gospel videos which stood out in the year 2019 below.

#10  Daddy by Holy Keane ft Renez

At number 10, we bring you “Daddy” by Holy Keane Amooti  ft  Renez. What a video! It reminded us of the our true identity in Christ, we can always call the God who created the universe “ Daddy”, What a mystery!   Thanks to Holy Keane and Renez for this wonderful piece.

#9 Nkusabira Nyo by Wilson Bugembe.

At Number 9 , we have  the video entitled “Nkusabira nyo” by Pastor Wilson Bugembe. This video  was creatively crafted  and visibly communicated the importance of praying for each other. Enjoy this one.

#8  Yansasira by Grace Nakimera.

We have “yansasira”  from Grace nakimera who broke through in the middle of the year with “anvirideyo”  video, Later she released  “ yansasira” a song/video which speaks about God’s Gracious hand which saves completely

#7 Ekisa Ekinondola by Sylver kyagulanyi.

This is a wonderful song by Sylver kyagulanyi  that speaks about God’s grace  and goodness which follows his children, this song was Sylver kyagulanyi’s tribute to God for  sustaining him for forty years. We surely loved this one, expcting more Gospel songs in 2020.

# 6 Sinza Katonda  by Pastor Isaac serukenya.

“Sinza katonda” by Pastor Isaac serukenya is a wonderful song that speaks about the power of worship, when we worship, Miracles are released from God’s throne. such a beautiful song!

#5  Addictive by Ethel Ahura  ft  Morgan Isaac.

The song “addictive” by Ethel Ahura ft Morgan Isaac reminds us of God’s love which is unconditional; no man can live a fulfilling life without the Love of God. Ethel Ahura released two other songs such as “ mukama Nyamba and  the famous “Wedding Day” song, Ethel has won three significant awards within two years of her inception in the Gospel Music ministry.

#4 Oxygen by Robinsan

This song was a favorite to many people around the world; many danced to it and loved the message of God’s Love which gives true life.  At Number 4, we have Robinsan with Oxygen

# 3 Nyanjala by Brian Lubega

“Nyanjala” by Brian Lubega  is one of those songs that encouraged many people in different circumstances.  It’s a wonderful video which encourages us to open up our hearts to God and receive all the things He has prepared for us.

#2 Mwije Mwena  by Samie Smilz

Jesus says  “Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest” . That’s the message in the song. Samie Smilz released the video for the “Mwije Mwena” early 2019, such a wonderful video, so uplifting.

#1 Wano by Gabriella Ntaate

At Number 1, we have “Wano” by Gabriella Ntaate a song about Jesus who heals the broken hearted and restores peace. This song has been a great beacon  to many people who found hope and encouragement through the words of the song. Congratulations to Gabriella Ntaate upon releasing Gospel Modes No.1 Ugandan Gospel video of 2019.

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