Pastor Titus Ssekawe has released the original christian version of ” Tuliyambala engule” song

Amidst controversy that has been surrounding the  song ” Tuliyambala Engule”, Pastor Titus Ssekawe has released  the original christian version of the it,  In the song, Pastor Titus sings about a new Jerusalem which is to be inherited by those who have been washed by the blood of Jesus( Revelations 21)  the new city is for those who have denied themselves( Matthew 16:24), the pleasures of the world, the deceitfulness of wealth ( Mark 4:19) and have determined to carry their cross and follow Jesus,  in the song, Pastor Titus mentions that there is a great reward for those who will enter eternal life. Jesus will say ” well done good and faithful servant”

In that new Jerusalem, there will be no tears, no pain, no depression, no hatred, its a city flowing with milk and honey because all things will have been made new, That is what Pastor Titus is singing about! Enjoy the song above.

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