8 things you can do to maintain your house maid working at your home  for a long period of time.

In this modern era where mothers have regular jobs and can’t stay home week long to take care of their children, house maids have proved to be the most viable solution to this need.  Many families in the urban setting have opted to hire house maids to take care of their children and manage other house chores  as they struggle to fend for the needs of the home, however there have been challenges with this, some house maids ill-treat these young children teach them  bad habits, deny these children food, to the point that some children have lost their lives at the hands of housemaids, despite all the mysteries surrounding house helps,  it is a proven fact that they are so essential . Allow us to share with you some of the ways you can employ to maintain your housemaid working for you for a long period of time.

  1. Have a development plan with her: As you hire a house maid, would you take some time to ask her about her life goals and objectives? If she has life goals, how are you going to help her achieve them? That is the starting point of hooking your house maid to pick interest in working for you. It’s important to find out whether your house maid has an objective for her work. For example your maid may want to start a sewing business after she has finished working for you. You can choose to open an account for her and keep depositing her money on that account until it accumulates to the targeted amount of money. This money could help her to begin a desired business after working for you. May be she wants to start a salon, can you give her advice on how to start and maintain one? If you do this, this house maid will forever be grateful that she worked with you!
  2. Celebrate her birthday: Make an effort to find out her birth date. Buy her cake and sing her birthday songs, this will make her feel special; she will feel a sense of belonging to the family. This will also help your children to learn a virtue of celebrating and appreciating people with simple gestures.
  3. Buy her simple gifts: When you go to the market to buy clothes to buy clothes for your children, make an effort to buy her something even if it’s small.  She will really appreciate it, she will never regret ever working for you because she knows deep in her hearts of hearts that you value her.
  4. Do not over work her: Women have a tendency of leaving all the house work to the house maid. She will wash your clothes, your husband’s clothes , your children’s and hers, do the cooking, clean the compound, mop the house, cook the food and many others. Am so sure that this is one of the reasons why house maids can barely work for even a month. Choose to take part in some chores and let her handle others.
  5. Let her eat the same food you eat: if you cook chips and Chicken, do not let her eat posho and beans because she is your house maid. Let her eat the same food you eat.
  6. Teach her a new skill: If you have a computer set at home, take some time and give her some basic computer skills, teach her how to run a sewing machine, teach her how to drive. You can never know the skill you give her could change her life forever!7.
  7. Be patient with her: She is not perfect! Neither are you, create an environment for her to learn new things, do not expect her to learn things very fast, it might take some time, do not be abusive, rather be understanding and considerate.
  8. Pay her on time: that’s self explanatory do not delay to pay her, she might get discouraged and leave at a time when you need her the most, in case of money delays, explain to her and let her be patient with you.

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