Six mistakes Christian guys make while at a date with a lady.

Christian dating is so crucial because it helps you to understand your suitor before you are married to them. Therefore dating couples need to take some good time in courtship by establishing healthy and uncompromised boundaries that can nurture a relationship which will lead to Godly marriage. Taking your lady on a date is one of those things you need to do so as to build a close relationship which will last for eternity, so that you might get her yes! To your marriage proposal, however these are some of the mistakes men make while on this special date.

Suggesting a Venue you can’t afford:Due to the excessive desire of impressing this lady you met at the fellowship, you might find yourself suggesting a venue which is so expensive, so the lady comes, you have a light moment, enjoy the good meals and at the end of the day, you fail to pay! That will be a big disappointment to your lady, and then you begin panicking until the lady pays the bill, Oh no! she might feel like you were taking advantage of her, am sure she will be so embarrassed that she will not desire to see you again, you will become a discussion topic among her peers.

SOLUTION:  Do your Home work! Thoughtfully search for a quiet place where you can talk and have a light meal, it doesn’t have to be expensive, makes it memorable. Look for a place with a price range which is within your budget. Don’t forget to carry excess money on you, she might ask for something extra; remember the date is on you! And you have the obligation to impress her

Coming late on a date:It will be so embarrassing for your lady to get to the suggested venue before you! Remember it’s you who invited her! If the lady is not understanding, she might leave before you appear, she might feel like you are taking her for granted, or you don’t think she is special.

SOLUTION: Do whatever it takes to get to the suggested venue before her, she wants you to welcome her, pull a chair for her. She wants to feel so special on this date.

You can’t complement her:When she has arrived, you might just rush to have her seated, make orders etc…. and you forget to tell her how nice her dress is, how her hair looks, how gorgeous she looks, how her nails are glittering, gentleman! This lady has taken a lot of time to look good for you! It’s a mistake if you do not complement.

SOLUTION: Complement her from head to toes.

Eating so fast:After they have brought the food, you eat your food and finish it when your lady has not yet started and then you begin looking at her, if your lady is understanding, she will give you part of her meal, but that will be so unreasonable.

SOLUTION: if you are a fast eater, slow down, mix this session with talk, monitor her plate and ensure you are eating at a same pace.

Spending time on your phone while on a date:You are on this gorgeous looking girl but you are busy on social media, responding to your whatsapp messages, you can’t even sustain a conversation with this lady, you are busy on your Facebook checking out the latest stories on Facebook. This lady needs your attention but you have focused all your attention on your phone, she will be very upset.

SOLUTION: This is a very special event, you might be dating the woman who is going to become the mother of your children, if possible switch off your phones so as to minimize every distraction from touching her heart.

Digging into her past life:A date is not an inquiry into the dirty past of your friend; now you are on this date and you are inquiring about how many guys she has dated, what happened etc……digging into her past might cause her to remember some painful things in her past relationships. This might spoil the mood of the date and she might never want to see you again.

SOLUTION: Focus on making her feel comfortable around you.


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