Lyrical Mychael with a new song ” Kati Nzisa” Play it here!

Kati Nzisa” is a Luganda word to mean “am now breathing”. Shortly after releasing Summer sky’s  a song which is  already getting positive reception from Gospel music lovers all over the world, Lyrical Mychael has released ” Kati Nzisa” a song that speaks about the new life that we have in Christ, Colosians 2:13 the bible says …….”God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins”, in the song Lyrical Mychael mentions that Jesus is our oxygen, when Jesus came into our lives, everything which was dead came to life. The song has amazing lyrics, beat and sound message. You can Play  ”Kati Nzisa” by Lyrical Mychael below

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